Make gorgeous cupcake toppings with Flexarte silicone molds!

Cupcakes with ballerinas on top

Everybody knows that cupcakes are delicious, but that doesn't mean they have to be just cupcakes. Decorating cupcakes for every occasion is a very simple task when you're using our nonstick, flexible and highly detailed silicone molds.

We at Flexarte are passionate about what we do and committed to the elevated standard of quality and innovation of our products. We design and manufacture imaginative cupcake topping products: a range of food safe molds which are made of easy-release and easy to clean silicone.

You may choose from a variety of different styles and themes to fit all tastes. They are perfect for weddings, birthdays, parties, romantic celebrations and many more. Have a look, for instance, at our amazing ballerinas. The least your guests will say is "Bravo!".

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