About us

Heart shaped candies on top of a cake

Flexarte USA is the international branch of Flexarte Brasil, the absolute leader in its country in the segment of silicone molds. Our mission is to bring the best and most advanced in the field to the food and confectionery markets of the United States and the world.

We are passionate about what we do and committed to the high level of quality and innovation of our products. Our silicone molds are recognized for the definition of details and the heat-resistant material that supports up to 460ºF without losing its shape. In addition, we invest in creativity to always bring you new models with the most diverse themes to suit all occasions.

Our silicone molds are gaining more and more devotees outside Brazil as they are easy to handle and clean. We want to bring to the confectionery and gastronomy markets the best in precision and creativity. We are proud to present you with a world of possibilities in all shapes and sizes. Let your imagination run wild when creating your delights. Everything else you can leave with us.