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0.08 lb
$13.90 $14.90

Professional Quality Silicone mold suitable for chocolates, hard candy, fondant, sugar, isomalt, marzipan and more. Baking supplies and Cake tools.

Perfect for decorating cakes, cake pops, cake bombs, cupcakes and or other pastry delights. 

Mold Size (WxLxH): 3.46" x 1.50" x 0.59"

Pieces Size (WxLxH): 1.38" x 1.38" x 0.31"

Weight: 0.08 lb.

Color: Translucent

Material: 100% silicone food safe. High quality / Premium silicone mold.

Product Code: 281

Resistant to temperature ranges between 25°F and 464°F. Oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Definition of details and durable.

Non-stick and flexible silicone molds.

Easy to handle and clean.

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